• Where it Starts

    Copper concentrate formulation with multi-purpose function including fungicide, bactericide as well as a fertilizer built on natural micronutrients such as Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium among others.

  • CopperGreen

    Formulation regulates cell division and elongation It influences the compartmentalization of the cell related to the specialization of the
    cellular organs and promotes
    growth organs such as roots, shoots, fruits, etc. Manganese and Zinc accelerate
    protein synthesis to ensure the
    correct nutrition of the plant accelerating growth in plants, flowers, trees and much more.

  • CopperGreen Organic

    Formulation leached with nitric acid to achieve a 100% organic process named copper citrate for fruits, vegetables and crops; acts as a superior quality protectant and fertilizer which is recommended for the prevention and control of crop diseases. Suitable for most organic gardens and crops.