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CopperGreen hose-end spray bottle 32oz

CopperGreen hose-end spray bottle 32oz

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Introducing CopperGreen: The Ultimate Solution for Thriving Gardens and Healthy Landscapes!

Are you ready to elevate your gardening and landscaping game? Look no further! CopperGreen is your go-to, all-in-one solution to transform large garden areas, trees, and bushes into vibrant, thriving landscapes that will leave everyone in awe.

Our CopperGreen 3-in-1 formula harnesses the power of copper to provide three essential benefits in a convenient 32oz ready-to-use hose-end spray bottle. Let's explore what makes CopperGreen the must-have product for any gardener or landscaper:

1. Fertilizer: Give your plants the nourishment they need to flourish! CopperGreen delivers a potent blend of copper-based fertilizer, supplying vital nutrients that promote healthy growth, deep green foliage, and robust root development. Watch as your garden transforms into a lush oasis of beauty.

2. Bactericide: Put an end to harmful bacterial infections that can devastate your plants. CopperGreen's powerful bactericidal properties effectively combat bacteria, preventing the spread of diseases and protecting your greenery. Say goodbye to wilted leaves and hello to a thriving, disease-free landscape.

3. Fungicide: Don't let fungal diseases hinder the beauty of your outdoor spaces. CopperGreen acts as a reliable fungicide, creating a protective barrier against harmful fungi. It stops the growth of fungal infections such as powdery mildew and blight, ensuring your plants remain healthy, vibrant, and disease-resistant.

The main micronutrients contained in CopperGreen and their functions are the following:

Copper: Enzymatic processes; Fungicide & Bactericide

Iron: Indispensable in chlorophyll formation and nitrogen fixation

Calcium: Activates and regulates cell division and cell elongation for root development 

Zinc: Involved in protein synthesis

SulfurDefense and detoxification

With CopperGreen, maintaining a large garden and nurturing trees and bushes becomes effortless. Our ready-to-use hose-end spray bottle provides maximum coverage, allowing you to treat vast areas with ease. Each bottle covers up to 3500 square feet, ensuring you get the most out of every application.

Why choose CopperGreen?

Superior Coverage: Our hose-end spray bottle is designed for convenience and efficiency, allowing you to treat large areas effortlessly. Say goodbye to tedious applications and hello to quick, thorough coverage.

Professional Grade: CopperGreen is trusted by professional gardeners and landscapers alike. Our formula is crafted with the utmost care and backed by extensive research, ensuring reliable results every time.

Long-Lasting Effects: Experience long-lasting benefits with CopperGreen. Our formula provides extended protection and nourishment, giving your landscape the sustained care it deserves.

Revitalize your outdoor spaces, enhance curb appeal, and create an enviable landscape with CopperGreen. Order your bottle today and witness the remarkable transformation of your gardens, trees, and bushes. It's time to take your gardening and landscaping to new heights!

Note: CopperGreen is intended for use in outdoor areas such as large gardens, trees, and bushes. Please read and follow all label instructions for optimal results and safety.

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